How to Make Money Online as a Global English Tutor

How to Make Money Online as a Global English Tutor

Have you ever thought about earning an income by starting to tutor English online?

Didn’t know that such a thing was possible?

As it turns out, if you were raised as a native English speaker, or you have a solid grasp on English as a second language, you could start making money in the near future.

Whether you want to bring in a little extra income on the side, or you plan to travel the world on your extra earnings, the decision to tutor English online can be a highly rewarding occupation.

Not only will you have the chance to bring in some extra funds, but you’ll also gain an incredible sense of purpose by directly impacting the lives of thousands of aspiring English learners.

As a tutor, I’ve had the unique privilege of talking with a police man from Kuwait who loves to play tennis, a civil engineer from Russia who talked about an unfortunate first date, and a Vietnamese family man who would do anything for his kids.

Where to Begin...

If you take the time to research websites that allow you to tutor English online, you’ll find hundreds of options to sort through. It all can be a bit disorienting.

In fact, it took me a couple of months to land on a tutoring service that really made me feel comfortable applying to. After narrowing down a few websites, and coupled with a recommendation from a friend, my search was brought to a conclusion.

By far, the best website I’ve found so far to tutor English online is Cambly.

With Cambly you don’t have to worry about having expert credentials, a host of props to use, or even in-depth grammatical understanding. If you didn’t care much for your grade school language classes, you’re still perfectly able to tutor English online through Cambly.

Most of the people on Cambly just want to practice their English by having conversations.

You can prioritize who you speak to based on your tutoring style, which proficiency levels you’d like to work with, and the kinds of topics you’d favor the most to talk about. You’re likely to have people from all over the world seeking to talk with you.

For every minute of time you spend together on a call, they have the benefit of practicing their English comprehension with a fluent speaker, and you have the benefit of getting paid.

So How Do You Get Started?

If you follow the link here,¬†you’ll be able to learn more about the program and submit your application quickly. You’re almost guaranteed to be approved to tutor English online, but don’t worry if it takes a few weeks before you hear back from the company.

As Cambly grows they go through periods of being short-staffed, in which case they seek more people like you to tutor English online. I had to wait nearly three weeks before receiving an email that I was approved to start filling out my profile.

Once you’re approved, you’ll need to record a brief introductory video so that prospective students can get an idea of who they’ll be talking with. You’ll also need to upload a professional profile picture and fill out some additional information in regard to your tutoring style.

After that, you’re able to begin tutoring. Be sure to sign up for “priority hours” in order to begin getting acquainted with prospective students.

Although you’ll be talking to people from all over the world, you may find that it takes a while before you get into your groove with Cambly. I’d recommend completing at least ten priority hours before you start seeking to reserve individual sessions with your favorite students.

Cambly also provides a valuable resource pack with tons of helpful lessons, conversation starters, and articles to practice if you find that some of your students engage in discussion more by having materials to work with.

How Much Can You Make?

Cambly pays seventeen cents for every minute you are working. That adds up to $10.20 an hour!

Depending on your location, that amount of money can either add up to a nice chunk of supplemental income, or it can pay for your month’s rent with just a few hours invested each day.

Keep in mind that you’ll only get paid for the number of minutes you spend on a call. So when you’re just getting started be sure to find something additional to do in between calls. Preferably, it should be something that you don’t mind being interrupted from every so often.

Usually I’ll end up writing for the blog, or settling in with a good book while I’m waiting in between calls.

The job is usually pretty easy, and it’s always exciting. With the few hours of work that I put in each week, I’m easily paying off my monthly student loan costs and living with some extra funds to spare.

If you’re interested in online income, the decision to tutor English online could be one of the best ways to get your start as a remote worker. Not only will you have the incredible opportunity to learn about other cultures as you work, but you’ll be making a positive impact on someone’s life in one way or another.

What could be more rewarding than that?

do you speak english?

Sign up for Cambly today and find out how fulfilling it can be to tutor English online.

You might just find that you have a real knack for helping others with something you’ve been using your whole life.


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