Let the Sacred Journey begin.

sacred flame

Welcome to Emphatically Nomadic.

I’m pleased that you decided to stop by. I should have known I could expect your company.

While I won’t pretend to know what brought you along here, I can at least provide you with some basic resources to help you in your journey.

This is a space where the heart reigns free.

As you know, we are living in strange and perilous times.

The human race is currently facing global cataclysm. The skies threaten to turn black with smog. Many have been made blind by the night.

Humankind has passed through the crystalline mirror, and now endures the long journey homeward by recollecting the many fragments of a once unified whole. That’s why I’m glad you made it here.

Yours is the light of an archer, a sanctified warrior endorsed by the guardians of time.

Pay no mind to the quandary of materialism. This is a fool’s errand—it is but your second self wrapped up in a mirage.

What ever can be done?

There always a sense of hopeful vigor driving humankind. 

After all, it’s by sheer ingenuity that the commodities we know and love today were brought into life.

This simple determination to thrive, and to create, and to explore every possibility has guided the human species for many millennia. And the real story has only just begun. The call of a nomadic heart is to advance in examples laid out by our ancestors, but also to break those traditions by investigating new pathways.

This is about taking that extraordinary motion hurdling forward and turning it into something beautiful, instead of something destructive.

I will say, it takes confidence, and a certain kind of aptitude for originality. And even then, an unmitigated sense of love for those cultural exemplars who provide so much of a sense for education that the underpinnings of a partial worldview are ripped clean out.

This is the law of the strong.

This about striving for serendipity, and never settling for less.

That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”
—Walt Whitman

Things you'll find here.

My purpose here is to persuade of the possibilities—Oh, the possibilities!—that can be achieved, and to offer my encouragement in chasing down a dream. There will always be something of merit to be had by not shying away from a calling.

You, dear reader, are among a distinct audience by coming to visit my site here. And I welcome that.

This site is about providing resources for spiritual awakening through travel. It is just as much a motivation for finding balance and improving your quality of living, as it is a guide for those seeking the sacred element within the mundane.

If you’re interested in working together, I can offer a variety of internet services, as well as the opportunity to publish an article of your own in the Guest Posts column of the website.

But if you’re thinking about paving a new pathway, well…

We all share the same 24 hours in any given day.

What will you do with yours?

You can explore the collection of articles, guides, and resources here before you go, or while you’re traveling. 

Most things here are meant to be inspirational. Others are meant to be assets. And still others are simply meant to be quirky.

I’m glad you chose to stop by. What you will do with that decision is up to you.

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