Smoothie: The Golden Carrot

Smoothie: The Golden Carrot

I drank this golden concoction sitting in my backyard during a warm spring afternoon. Mind buzzing from the spicy turmeric and greens going into my body, I sipped happily and watched the clouds drift by and the honey bees go about their business. This is a great summertime smoothie.

This smoothie is heavy on turmeric, hemp milk and carrot juice. The hemp milk and carrot juice make it creamy and delicious and the turmeric gives it the golden color and a touch of spice. I usually add a scoop of The Garden of Life protein powder or any kind of green nutrition booster (if I don’t add my own fresh veggies).  The wheat grass and turmeric are both in powder form.

1 cup hemp milk

2 cups pressed carrot juice

(1 scoop) Garden of Life Protein Powder

     *or fresh spinach/kale

1 tbsp wheat grass (powdered)

1 teaspoon turmeric (powder)

1 tbsp honey

**I also added a little Kratom boost to this smoothie. Kratom has a very strong flavor so I’d recommend checking out our other great smoothie recipe for Kratom**

The best part about making smoothies is combining and discovering your own creations! The measurements can be tweaked and changed to personal taste. If you try this recipe, change it, or add anything please comment below. I’d love to see your creations. 🙂

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