Constant Content: How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Constant Content: How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Constant Content is a website focused on featuring articles for hundreds of different topics. It’s basically an online exchange of writing between buyers and sellers for the purpose of generating website traffic.

The website allows writers to write articles about any topic of their choosing. They can then offer those articles for sale, usually at a price between $30-50 for a solid 500-word article. There is also the option to respond to clients requesting specific topics for higher-paying and quicker sales…

How to apply?

You can sign up with my referral link and the site will send me a bonus if you go on to write and sell content. You can also sign up without the referral here, but your earnings will be the same either way.

Once you’re on the landing page, scroll down to the large banner that says “Want to Write for Us?” and click the box that says “Writer Registration.” Fill out the form and add your areas of expertise; this will help you get private requests from clients later on. 

After that, you’ll need to take a brief quiz and submit a writing sample. Pay careful attention to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the content.

Once you're approved...

You’ll be able to detail your author profile by writing about some of your hobbies and work history. The more you list, the better chances you have of receiving private requests. Clients are searching for writers with qualified expertise in their particular niche.

My author profile is meant to suggest that my common expertise falls within the topics of travel and spirituality, and that I’ve written elsewhere for travel-related topics. The more knowledge you have in a certain subject generally improves your appeal to prove that you’re an expert in the niche. 

Starting to write!

Once your account is approved and you’re signed in, you can start writing articles to post to to the general catalog. This is where clients will be able to see and potentially purchase your content to share elsewhere.

Once you have five or more articles sold, you’re able to use the “Requested Content” tab to write specifically for customer requests. If you find a topic that suits your expertise, you can send the client a message letting them know of your interest. This is one of the best methods for making quick sales.

Another method is to click on the “Writing Ideas” at the top of your account dashboard to look through some of the more recently sold articles from other writers. 

Most of the top-selling articles come from the topics of: health & wellness, fitness, technology reviews, pets, and money-saving tips. The best kind of content, at least for sales, usually has about 500 words and starts with “How to…” or “5 tips for…”

Landing sales...

When it comes to selling your content, you first need to let your potential clients know that it your articles exist.

This is where keywords come in. While you go through the process of uploading an article, be sure to tag it with specific keywords relating to your article. You can find this form lower down on the article submission page.

By adding specific keywords to your article, you’ll appear in that topic’s search results when clients search for it. Including slight variations of the same keyword can also be helpful.

How to price?

Constant Content requires that you list your article for a minimum of $7 per article. 

This not only ensures that the website gets its cut, but also so you don’t end up spending your valuable time writing selling in a “race to the bottom” type of economy.

Most of the content seems to sell best when priced between the range of $30 to $50.

Building your portfolio.

Don’t be surprised if all of your articles don’t sell right away. In fact, sometimes it can be a bit of a waiting game for any of your articles to sell, but don’t let this discourage you.

Constant Content is a great website for finding ‘surprise money‘ dumped into your PayPal account. However, if you stick with it and you build out your client base over time, your efforts spent can turn out to be much more lucrative.

500 words.

Are you in it for the race to 1000 articles?

Start writing today by signing up through my referral link, or through the general web page.

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