Opening the Heart Center in Portland, Oregon

Bryce Boothe is a vibrant visual artist and a full-blown Aquarius. She has explored many parts of the US and incorporates her inner worlds and outer worlds into her artwork. She is also available for commission-based artwork.  View more of her artistic designs at I knew that when I…


Constant Content: How to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Constant Content is a website focused on featuring articles for hundreds of different topics. It's basically an online exchange of writing between buyers and sellers for the purpose of generating website traffic.The website allows writers to write articles about any topic of their choosing. They can then offer those articles…


A Thanksgiving Prayer to the Ancestors

I originally wrote this for a Thanksgiving feast a few years back. It was a particularly difficult time after losing a friend around the same time the previous year. In order to cherish his memory, and to ask my family into sharing their fondest memories of lost friends and relatives, I decided…

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