Smoothie: El Verde

One of my all time favorite simple green smoothie recipes. I had this one for breakfast while sitting by the pool in Arizona. Although this "simple" smoothie is mostly composed of your standard fruits, greens, and yogurt, it packs a punch to start your day off right. 1 cup (frozen…


Smoothie: The Golden Carrot

I drank this golden concoction sitting in my backyard during a warm spring afternoon. Mind buzzing from the spicy turmeric and greens going into my body, I sipped happily and watched the clouds drift by and the honey bees go about their business. This is a great summertime smoothie. This…


First Steps: Transitions

I spent a few weeks thinking about what my first post might be through this website. I'm sort of finicky like that; new beginnings must always be set forth with a confident step forward. See, I've been talking for years about going out and travelling, and for all those years…

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