About Emphatically Nomadic

Hey there! My name is Shane. Welcome to the Emphatically Nomadic travel blog.

This blog is mostly about travel, but it’s also a source for spiritual reflection, a call to action, a creative outlet, and a foundation in which I can set some of my favorite things upon to share with others. 

I believe in dreamers with a spirit of motivation, and those set on figuring out the methods and madness required for manifesting those dreams.

Before there were civilizations, there were nomads. Our ancient ancestors sustained themselves by hunting and gathering. In this vein there is a similar kind of philosophy to modern nomadicism – the search for experiential sustenance.

I aspire to amass a fullness of spirit, an intimate relationship with the land, and a belongingness in learning to address myself as a global citizen

Most importantly, I want to show that anyone can achieve a lifestyle different from the 9 to 5. My goal is to provide a vibrant and exciting space for documenting what it takes to travel full time, all while keeping a level of realness to what I’m sharing.

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More About Me

After graduating with a degree in Religious Studies in early 2018, I was pretty much left with my head spinning from monumental student loan debt and an uncertainty of what I would ever do with such a specialization. I’ve spent many long days working for marginal profit in the businesses, quite enough to see that my happiness will not come from material comforts.

I’ve notice that there are many different paths to take in living a life, and they all are rich with wisdom.

My philosophy is that we much reach far out into the world to learn from its many wonders, and that thereby, we plumb deeper into the mysteries of what it means to be human.

In a number of ways, this nomadic journey involves honing in and developing my skills as a writer and content manager, in order to find professional employment as a writer. You can check out my portfolio, or read some of the articles I’ve written in the blog.

Hanging out on the edge of the Grand Canyon
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